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Blinding Diamonds



It all started with a young man, a vision and a briefcase full of jewelry catalogs. 


Right out of high school Dwight discovered his love for jewelry and sought out how he could make a name for himself in the jewelry business. It started slowly, with sales to close friends and family members. But very quickly word spread of the deals and beautiful jewelry Dwight had to offer. In fact, sales were pouring in so quickly Dwight realized that the volume he was selling no longer would fit into a briefcase. It was time to construct a business plan. With business plan in hand, he now had to find investors who believed in his vision and he had the perfect investors in mind. Now Dwight's family is no stranger to entrepreneurship, his family has successfully started and maintained several businesses from childcare to rental properties. Naturally it only made since for him to ask his parents to invest in his dream. They reviewed his well thought-out business plan and decided to dissolve their travel agency business and move into the jewelry business. It was official GOLD ELITE JEWELERS was established in 1998. Since 98' Dwight went from having one jewelry display in the back of a hair salon to becoming a boutique jewelry store front. For over 25 years Gold Elite Jewelers has been a family-owned community Jewelry Store and to think it all started from a briefcase.


Now, Gold Elite is thriving, offering a variety of Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and Alternative Metal Jewelry. We make custom engagement ring, pendants, chains, bracelets, grillz and more. We also have a master jeweler and expert watch smith on staff so we can definitely take care of all your jewelry and watch service needs.


But what makes us so special and has kept us in business all these years is the unique experience we create for all of our customers. So come in today and become a part of the Gold Elite Jewelers family, we can't wait to see you.

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